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THE DOCTRINE OF ABSOLUTE. PREDESTINATION. JEROME ZANCHIUS. ( ). With. OBSERVATIONS ON THE DIVINE ATTRIBUTES,. NECESSARY. A terse statement concerning the doctrine of Predestination. Having considered the attributes of God as laid down in Scripture, and so far cleared our way to the doctrine of predestination, I shall, before I enter further on the.

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For, “God is not tempted by evils, and He tempts no one. Besides, the creation and perdition of the ungodly answer another purpose though a subordinate one with regard to the elect themselves, who from the rejection of those learn 1 to admire the riches of the Divine love toward themselves, which planned and has accomplished the work of their salvation, while others, by nature on, on equal level with them, are excluded from a participation of the same benefits.

Annon licet mihi quod volo facere? This we know, that those who die in unbelief and sanchius finally unsanctified cannot be saved, because God in His Word tells us so, and has represented these as marks of reprobation; but to say that such and such individuals, whom, perhaps, we absolue see dead in sins, shall never be converted to Christ, would be a most presumptuous assertion, as well as an inexcusable breach of the charity which hopeth all things.

Would you, therefore, know what it is to love God as your Father, Friend, and Saviour, you must fall down before His electing mercy.

The Doctrine Of Absolute Predestination

predesitnation Or could not He, whose understanding is infinite, foresee, previous to His revelation of this doctrine, what would be the consequences of His revealing it until those consequences were pointed out by you? It is agreeable to the nature of the Highest Good to be absolutely free, and to dispense His goodness in what methods and measures He pleases, according to the free determinations of His own will, guided by the wisdom of His mind and regulated by the holiness of His nature.

Now, jeromf penal fire was, in decree from everlasting, prepared for them, they, by all the laws of argument in the world, must have been in the counsel of God prepared, i.


So that elegant, accurate and learned Dutch divine, Laurentius: Therefore, those persons are not to be heard who would have the doctrine of election laid as it were asleep, and seldom or jrrome make its appearance in the congregations of the faithful.

Besides, not only spiritual and eternal, but likewise temporal death is the wages of sin Rom 6: Zanchius quotes Augustine on p.

As, therefore, God Himself is the sole Author and efficient of all His own actions, so is He likewise the supreme end to which they lead and in which they terminate. Meditation upon the Father’s appointment of us to eternal life is the best antidote against the evil surmisings of doubtfulness and remaining unbelief.

All these texts are but as an handful to the harvest, and yet are both numerous and weighty enough to decide the point with any who pay the least deference to Scripture authority. With whom agrees the excellent Dr.

The application of this to the providence of God, as concerned in sinful events, is easy. How readily will he relieve the former, and how easily overlook the latter! And now why should not this doctrine be preached and insisted upon in public? As for the rest who are not endued with faith, they shall perish, raging and blaspheming as you do now. Before the judgment of the great day, Christ does not so much act as the Judge of His creatures as their absolute Lord and Sovereign.

Now the doctrine of predestination batters down this delusive Babel of free-will and merit. John’s Gospel which does not, either expressly or implicitly, make mention of election and reprobation. Faith, then, is an evidence of election, or of being in the number of Christ’s sheep; consequently, of salvation, since all His sheep shall be saved John He, who alone is all-wise and all-just, can in reality however things appear to us do wrong to no man, neither can He do anything unwisely or rashly.

Taking it for granted, therefore, that God has an absolute right of sovereignty over His creatures, if He should be pleased as the Scriptures repeatedly assure us that He is to manifest and display that right by graciously saving some and justly punishing others for their sins, who are we that we should reply against God? To jeroome Scriptures on this head would be almost endless; for a sample, consult Pro This still does not zacnhius God the author of sin,nor lessen His abhorrence of it.


Hence 7 my distresses are not the result of chance, accident or a fortuitous combination of circumstances, but 8 the providential accomplishment of God’s purpose, and 9 designed to answer some wise and gracious ends, nor 10 shall my affliction continue a moment longer than God sees meet. And as God is no respecter of persons because He chooses some as objects of His favour and omits others, all being on a perfect equality, so neither does it follow that He is such from His actually conferring spiritual and eternal blessings on the former and denying them to the latter, seeing these blessings are absolutely His own, and which He may, therefore, without injustice, give or not give at His pleasure.

Absolute Predestination: Jerome Zanchius, Jay Patrick Sr. Green: : Books

jerlme In us it is such, but if, considered in that predestinwtion, it should be ascribed to the Deity, it would be utterly subversive of the simplicity, perfection and independency of His being. Both one and the other are His, and He most justly may, as He most assuredly will, do what He pleases with His own. Et talis est Collatio munerum gratiae, per quae peccatores assumuntur a Deo.

What wicked person will reform his life?

As the wrestlers of old had their respective antagonists assigned them, not by their own choice, but by necessary lot, in like manner each of the human race has his peculiar destiny allotted to him by Providence.

Melancthon prosecutes the argument much further, but this may suffice for a specimen; and it is not unworthy of notice that Luther so highly approved of Melancthon’s performance, and especially of the first chapter from whence the above extract is giventhat he Luther thus writes of it in his epistle to Erasmus, prefixed to his book “De Serv.

Death in Adam, Life in Christ: