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Credit reports allow you to prove your financial stability and check that of individuals and A guide to credit reports, credit scores, credit checks and bad credit. Request a credit report free of charge from Graydon. The development of the PD rating; Scores of the company’s liquidity (debt, sales and other financial ratios ). Graydon Credit Rating. 5. Graydon Risk. Low Risk. Maximum Monthly Credit Guide. 40, Eur. Where no financial information is available.

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For limited companies, this is very often the basis upon which a credit rating is derived. Customer Onboarding Graydon Onboarding combines three guid processes: Explore our solutions and find the right one for you: Graydon continually monitors the currency of accounts availability to ensure its data base is as up-to-date as possible. Perhaps a company has changed its name and you have used the previous name. Typically this can happen at month’s end.

A credit report on a Ltd or Plc company will detail the history of a company. Graydon invoices on the date a report order is made – not the date a report is delivered.

Credit Report | Graydon UK

When doing business, you want to ensure that your customers will pay your invoices. Ordering a Fresh Investigation Level 4 report from within Creditline will uncover the correct status of the company in question.

If you continue using this website without changing your settings, you allow the use of cookies on the Gfaydon website. Mark Zwart explains the importance of interpreting this data.

You can download the list of your watched companies to view within Excel: If you continue using this website creddit changing your settings, you allow the use of cookies rsting the Graydon website. The address I am looking for does not appear in my report. However, companies are not duty-bound to advertise that a winding up order has been dismissed or suspended – so Graydon may not be alerted immediately.


For companies, a credit report can mean the difference between approving a supplier relationship, or not. This limits your risks and helps prevent undesirable bad debt write-offs. Please explain your rating. Banks will take security over some or all of the company’s assets to cover their exposure for the period of the finance.

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But how do you prevent that value from being compromised? In the UK, companies generally fall into two categories. Then click Search – if you wish to see all your watched companies then make sure the search field is left blank:. Share this article on: Sign up for the latest downloads. Certainly for unincorporated businesses, the more information that credit agencies have, the more comprehensive the credit rating will be.

If, for example, you have ordered a report that requires an investigation then you may not receive the report for a few days, but the invoice date will be the date you placed the order. What is a credit rating?

Credit Report

For unsecured creditors, modest amounts of credit can be offered until such time as a satisfactory trading history has been established or the first years trading accounts are filed. A credit report enables you to quickly check the financial status of your business relations, their creditworthiness, the risk of late payment and the maximum amount you could safely invoice for deliveries. What does a credit report credut Contact Customer Services on or at customer.

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You eating send us the original document, not a photocopy. So, in most cases, a successful trading track record and good supplier relationships will yield the credit required.


Firstly click Order History via the Customer Service menu: What does ‘odds of financial stress’ mean. A guide to credit reports, credit scores, credit checks and bad credit. Are you a new business? Where do the credit reference agencies start?

For companies with limited liability, another set of guidelines apply. You are entitled to a free credit report of your customer right now! It will cover when it was established, the officers of the company, shareholders, financial statements, and any mortgages or charges. Book your personal demo. Are you projecting the image of an orderly and efficient establishment? When searching for a company using the company name you must ensure that you use the proper legal title.

Explore our solutions and find the right one for you:

Graydon uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website and to analyse the use of this website. You can also use the combined search method – this allows you to enter multiple search terms, for instance the name and post code, or even a company’s VAT number.

The value of your customer base is crucial to the future of your company. Where does the information in a credit report come from? If you believe that a CCJ has been cancelled and should be removed then we ask you to send us the original court document with a covering letter.

Your customer base holds more information than you think.