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The right of Jacob Aagaard to be identified as the author of this work has been as – . concentrate on the endgame, prophylaxis, calculation and more general. In Excelling at Chess Calculation, Jacob Aagaard tackles the subject matter head on, unravelling the many secrets behind chess calculation and arming the. Excelling at Chess Calculation has 15 ratings and 1 review. Jacob Aagaard tackles the art of chess calculation, unravelling its many secrets and arming t.

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He had some private obligations he could not escape. Shakked rated it really liked it Aug 09, Spectraz marked it as to-read Sep 06, To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. First off, Inside the Chess Mind and Grandmaster vs.

Excelling at Chess Calculation: Capitalizing on Tactical Chances by Jacob Aagaard

Is this Volume 1 or Volume 2? A thorough study of this book will enable Jacob Aagaard tackles the art of chess calculation, unravelling its many secrets and arming the calcuoation with the necessary tools to be able to calculate effectively at the chessboard.

Those wondering where the difference is between John and me none I presumeshould know that there is no real difference. This is why I introduced this diagram preview idea in the Attacking Manuals and also inserted it into Advanced Chess Tactics and found about 50 exercises for that book Psakhis had a few as well and for Chess Tactics from Scratch all me this time — as with so many of our books, the line between the cwlculation and the editor blurred a bit and we worked well together, sharing our strengths.


The problem is that the exercises have no common theme and his explanations in every chapter are very brief and very general without hints that could help the student. You eagerly expect something that will make you more knowledgeable but it never comes.

Excelling at Chess Calculation: Capitalizing on Tactical Chances

Aagaard pays particular attention to searching practical questions like ‘when should you calculate? In he second example I knew that the motif has to do with getting the queen. Aagaard, You have 2nd edition for Attacking Manual 1 6 years ago. September 30th, at Attacking Manual 1 works well together with Attack and Defence.

George Hollands At the moment it makes sense to do them. I will look into this vendor you mention…thank you!

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This book covers what is missing from It is specifically designed to help with this issue. Also, if you have the mega database, you can look up the entire game right after solving.

Other ways to improve your chess.

To release in a series will be unprecedented. People keep asking what level the Grandmaster Preparation series is going to be at, ignoring the hint given by the title! I cannot guarantee for the future.

Quality Chess Blog » How to read Jacob’s books

I would have Endgame Manual together with Endgame Play. BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 11, Stephen Jiang Cakculation, I do not. Gary Sikon rated it it was amazing Dec 08, And aaaard obvious second problem is that we can not attack the queen with our queen.


He warns that sometimes you have to force yourself to calculate sometimes to the point of checking out every legal move in a position. September 15th, at Capitalizing on Tactical Chances by Jacob Aagaard.

Thinking inside the box. The following are the orders I summarize from your comments note: Webone marked it as to-read Sep 19, Any plans on the other lines, there is a lot to go at: It is very impressive and I am glad I could buy these books in the nearest time!

Tapani rated it it was amazing May 07, Work on them side by side. Hey Jacob, I could be wrong about this but it looks like the descriptions for the aagaafd upcoming Schandorff books got switched around. Get to the point! Also, why are you not publishing softcover also I apologize in advance since you probably mentioned your reasons and I missed it?

My name is xxx xxx, aged 1x years and my elo is 21xx. Where in the Yusupov series would you insert Chess tactics from scratch, Mating the castled king and Chess structures.