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Not-Knowing: The Essays and Interviews of Donald Barthelme () is a collection of essays and interviews with Donald Barthelme. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Not-Knowing: The Essays and Interviews of Donald Barthelme Paperback. Donald Barthelme. When Donald Barthelme died at the age of 54, he was perhaps the most imitated (if not emulated) practitioner of American literature. Caustic, slyly observant.

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The impoverishment of the country by the arms race is a good example. A unique process begins when the writer lowers the pen to put words on paper—or taps out letters onto the page with typewriter keys. David Lynch, my favorite film director, has this irritating to me habit–especially these days–of refusing to discuss his creative process. The book remains problematic, unexhausted.

What I am interested in is the ugly sentence that is also somehow beautiful. The two most important pieces in this collection are “After Joyce”written near the beginning of Barthelme’s writing career, and “Not-Knowing”written five years before he died.

Yet it is nevertheless meaningful. Apr 11, Lobstergirl rated it really liked it Recommended to Lobstergirl by: Do you see anything getting better—art, for instance? We used to get up from Sunday dinner, if enough cars had parked, and run out in front of the house in a sort of chorus line, doing high kicks. Barthelme was drafted into the Korean War inarriving Donald Barthelme was born to two students at the University of Pennsylvania.

Robert Howell rated it liked it Nov 11, We had a routine, the family, on Sundays. I have several younger brothers, among them my brother Frederick, who is also a writer. Not the most amazing book of essays and interviews or anything, but it gets four stars from me on the strength of the titular essay alone.

Billy rated it really liked it Apr 04, Kidding Father was an activity that took seven of us to do, and there were only six of us. Joyce enforces the way in which Finnegans Wake is to be read.


Caustic, slyly observant, transgressive, verbally scintillating, Barthelme’s essays, stories, and novels redefined a generation of American letters and remain unparalleled for the way they capture our national pastimes and obsessions, but mos When Donald Barthelme died at the age of 58, he was perhaps the most imitated if not emulated practitioner of American literature. But an earnest discussion of the filmmaking process itself would not be unappreciated, dammit. The thing I remember about it best, aside from its social inutility and hideousness, is that one time a pal of mine [Grace Paley] who was in the anti-war activist business got situated there because she had sat down in front of an Armed Forces Day parade.

It gives purpose to life. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There’s no way I could do him justice.

It may be a matter of mood, resonances, mental glimpses, knosing, emotions, visions, dreams, anything. I tell my jnowing that one of the things readers want, and deserve, is a certain amount of blood on the floor. Jul 02, Tom rated it barthemle liked it Shelves: This page was last edited on 6 Aprilat Sean Johnston rated it it was amazing Jul 20, I could very cheerfully be a typographer.

The book includes two essays and several interviews in which Barthelme discusses not only his own short stories and novels, but also teaching creative writing at university and whether his own work and that of his contemporaries e. Is the new generation of writers more concerned than their predecessors with politics, economics, and social class?

Holy books, Baudelaire points out, never laugh. Barthelme’s fiction is among the strangest I’ve read, and although I wouldn’t necessarily put his work in the same storytelling category as Lynch’s, there are similarities the apparent knlwing sequitur, the incident that could be interpreted as either funny or horrifying [or both], the wicked satire of “normal” American life, the startlingly original use of language, the influence of jazz, etc.

On Doubt and Not-Knowing in Fiction – Michigan Quarterly Review

Do you keep a journal? And he might be right. If the melody is the skeleton of the particular object, then the chord changes are its wardrobe, its changes of clothes. Dec 28, Steve Juras added it. Want to Read saving…. I’m not saying I want him to tell us what his films “mean,” and I agree with his reluctance to ascribe meaning of any sort to even one scene in, say, Inland Empirebecause to do so could easily damage the fragile, magical atmosphere in which his films exist.


Not-Knowing Quotes

Nov 23, Miguel marked it as to-read. I’m a huge fan of Barthelme’s short stories, and I fou The essays “After Joyce” and “Not-Knowing” that kick-off this collection are a delight. Abi rated it really liked it Dec 30, Should writers of fiction come to a story or narrative with a conceit or concern already crafted, or does writing through, around, and among barhhelme consciousnesses, barthelmw, and languages of fiction reveal to these writers their ultimate uptake?

Preview — Not-Knowing by Donald Barthelme. It’s hard to teach, something that’s more a knack than directly teachable. The reason I give this book three stars, however, is for the other two-thirds of the book, which contains many of Barthelme’s “Notes and Comment” articles for the New Yorkera few of his movie reviews, his essays on art, and other miscellaneous nonfiction pieces.

You do cut out some readers by idiosyncrasies of form. It follows as the night the day that the bourgeoisie should get it in the neck. He also celebrates throughout the notion of human artistic achievement, claiming that if a computer were to ever crack the code and create art palatable to humans, humans would move the bzrthelme and make art more challenging or inaccessible.

So when I picked up this book of nonfiction work, I had no idea whether I had read any of Donald’s fiction no. His summary of Love and Bullets sent me rushing to the Youtube, where I was not disappointed in this Charles Bronson, Rod Steiger, and Jill Ireland thriller, though Ireland’s series of platinum wigs, and then her real hair, if that’s what it was, affronted.