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I am looking for a character sheet that can be edited and saved on a computer for deathwatch, does anyone know of any?. CharaCter Name. Player Name. ChaPter. Past eveNt. ChaPter DemeaNour. PersoNal DemeaNour. sPeCiality. raNk ____ Power armour history. DesCriPtioN . deathwatch – charactersheet-editable – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online.

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Haha- I think you may have to rehost it somewhere else. Posted October 15, It means you can contribute back to this project, and your work can be of benefit to others. If you have feedback, suggestions or improvements, I’d love to hear them. Only War – Final Testament. Do I still need to buy the books?

Warhammer 40k D&D 5E – Character Sheets & the God-Emperor’s Golden Throne (Hack #20)

Register a new account. If you make useful changes, I chaacter you to give them back to the community. Do I need a computer to play? Dark Heresy – Creatures Anathema. Deathwatch – Mark of the Xenos. Email required Address never made public. Open Source Info Or launch straight into it by downloading the files from the open source repository here some technical knowledge may be required: What can’t I do?


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Deathwatch Low Ink Character Sheet – [PDF Document]

Character Sheet – writable. Character Sheet – expanded ugly. Just what I’ve been craving! We ask to keep your sheet listing information brief and to the point.

Head over to the Open Source tab for more information. Character Sheet – 2 pages – official.

Deathwatch – Deatywatch Emperors Chosen. Dark Heresy – Daemon Hunter. These deathwarch have been released under the Artistic License 2. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Yes, you’ll still need the rulebooks to play the game.

Rogue Trader – Game Master’s Kit. The WH40k Community has been way more supportive than expected. Please note that performance in Excel prior to and the recent open source products is poor due to the complexity of the workbook. Where a page has two A5 halves, you should be able to print the same page on both sides of A4 then cut it in half. Since they’ll be written on in pencil and rubbed out a lot, I recommend printing them on thick paper gsm or thin card gsmand using both sides of the sheet.


I am grateful to all the fans who have helped enhance the sheet with their feedback and their support with testing or financially using the donate button. How can I get involved?

American spelling is available as a Language option, but it isn’t and never will be the default. For users of Excel or later I recommend saving the file as a Macro enabled file. The most popular 40K character sheet on the Dark Reign site can now be downloaded from here.

Even if I don’t, you can still publish it on Paizo’s forums or the web for others to see. Whatever your game, you spend a lot of time looking at your character sheet so it’s worth having a good one. I am so relieved it is over.

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