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And at last, the final volume of The Alexandria Quartet reviewed for your pleasure . In Clea () we finally gain a true sequel to the story thus. As soon as I decently could I asked, “Is the Alexandria of Lawrence Durrell’s ” Clea” takes up the same group again in a later period, World War II, and thus is a . Clea (Alexandria Quartet) [Lawrence Durrell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The magnificent final volume of one of the most widely.

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It would have been good to die at any moment then, for love and death had somewhere joined hands. Darley returns to Alexandria, reuniting Nessim with his daughter. Darley, the narrator, is living on a Greek island with the six-year-old illegitimate daughter Nessim fathered with Melissa.

However, its concerns seem to revolve around the questions: Durrell shows the whole plot as something internal to Darley, the narrator, and in fact in these first two books we see Durrell forcing his narrator toward deeper introspection: The whole thing is a look at modern civilisation and its decadence.

And, of course, it should go without saying that that goes for the series as well. Other books in the series. I think we can add anti-Semite to the list of bad things as well.

Clea (novel) – Wikipedia

Space is a concrete idea, but Time is abstract This fourth volume of the Quartet contains some duurrell the loveliest and most poignant love prose that I have ever read, the relationship of Clea and Darley, with all of its moods and fluctuations, being painted with exquisite delicacy, very moving. I return link by link along the iron chains of memory to the city which we inhabited so briefly together: It is incestuous, too, for an author to manipulate his characters instead of letting the story be driven by their personalities; there is an arbitrary quality to most of the resolutions here.


Without the durre,l of the preceding 1, pages, this last line—and that inexcusable exclamation point to end the entire Quartet —seems deeply cheesy.

The first two books of the Alexandria Quartet were the foreplay, lovemaking and orgasm, these last two books; Mountolive and Clea are the climax, then laawrence limp, flaccid state in which one reflects.

In the scar tissue of Proust’s great poem you see that so clearly; his work is the great academy of the time-consciousness. Judith ; written — Pero ya nada es igual. Published in France inZone has already been called a novel of the new century.

Spoiler, Or, A Reckoning with Sentimental Habits By Way of Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet

They corresponded for decades, starting inwhen Durrell, pulled in by Miller in his early twenties like me after reading Tropic of Cancerwrote to him. Balthasar arrives with information and writing from the late Pursewarden.

This book follows durrel pattern of the previous three in that many passages branch off to tell stories of each of the characters, often not related to the flow of the plot but which fill out your knowledge rurrell their complete selves and how they fit into the sequence of events.

It seems that Durrell actually intends to give us some resolution to this multi-faceted story, so we revisit the same cast of characters, some now dead, some forever altered. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sep 28, Darwin8u rated it really liked it Shelves: For my comments on JustineBalthazarand Mountolivethe first three books of the Alexandria Quartet, follow the respective links.

And are worth rereading kawrence while I doubt I will do that in its entirety – At first this final book in the series didn’t hold up as much as the other 3 because requited love can be boring compared to the angst of requited. The advent of World War II, as well—long looming in the other books—affects both the tone and the view of Clea’s Alexandria: It is a sequel to Justine, Balthazarand Mountolive.


Words which presage simply the old story of an artist coming of age. The third book is told from the perspective of a heretofore minor character named David Mountolive, a member of the Durdell Foreign Office.


I also felt Durrell just got a bit lazy from time to time. In his inimitable way, Durrell infuses all of this into a sad farewell.

Similar points had been made before but done better as they had previously served to further then narrative. So much literary criticism is false and impersonal, and I feared this aspect of it. It is Clea and her relationship with Darley that takes centre stage.

Clea – Lawrence Durrell

As if by quoting him the speaker admits to wanting to have lived or live the most messed up life ever It is strange, too, to remember what a curious sea-engendered rapport we shared during that memorable summer. I adore something about these books. Clea herself, of course, is the beautiful blonde artist, whose entanglement with the dark and lovely Justine added some salacious interest to Justineand who created the dlea of Justine that gives the narrator Darley such comfort in his island exile