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AS/NZS This joint Australian/New Zealand standard was prepared by joint Technical Committee ME, Petroleum Pipelines. AS/NZS () Revisions AS () has recently been revised and released as AS/NZS () with a number of. AS — Australian Standard. ®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 2: Welding. A. S. —. This is a free 10 page.

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If this additional test specimen fails, the welding procedure shall be deemed not to comply with this Standard. Welds qualified under the terms of Clause 5.

The WELDNET – AS/NZS 2885.2 Review

The preferred technique of radiographic examination of welds in pipelines is that of using an internal orthogonal x-ray radiographic crawler as, inter alia, the detectability of imperfections including cracks is superior to that obtained using high-energy gamma rays or double-wall exposure techniques.

It was approved on behalf of the Council of Standards Australia on 27 November A depth of cover greater than 5 m. Evaluation sensitivity shall be Level 1 in accordance with AS After any change of wall thickness, grade or change to material from another supplier.

These machined reflectors shall be designed and located to simulate the following: Any unsoundness of a longitudinal weld or spiral weld in the vicinity of the area to be welded.

Equipment consisting of the following: Changes have been made to the methods used for non-destructive examination and to the method of interpreting and sentencing the depth of gas pores.

Their disposition by repair or removal shall be as directed by the pipeline licensee. Consumer Protection Develops, enforces and promotes legislation that protects consumers. The documentation shall include a statement of the qualifications and experience of the welding engineer who will supervise the welds.

AS – Key Concepts and Application – Australian Pipelines and Gas Association

A tunnel, pipe bridge or overhead structure. After any change of components or repair or adjustment of the system. Standards Australia 2 3 4 5 6 www. These examinations may be supplemented with one or both of the following non-destructive tests: In such circumstances, the abovementioned prerequisite conditions will need to be met.


A pipeline 285.2 contains, or has contained, petroleum fluids other than lean natural gas but has not been purged shall be cut only by ax means. Test specimens shall be cut from the test piece by a method that does not change the properties of the test specimens.

Details of the weld preparations shall be in accordance with those shown in the qualified welding procedure specification.

AS 2885.2 – Key Concepts and Application

28852. It is likely that in most cases, because actual operating conditions will be known and therefore assumptions do not need to be as conservative as in the generalized case used in Tier 2, the criteria of Tier 3 may, subject to satisfactory levels of fracture toughness, permit the acceptance of more severe discontinuities than both Tiers 1 and 2.

Mechanized ultrasonic examination may be used as the prime method for non-destructive examination of manual and mechanized welded pipeline girth welds where xs thickness exceeds 6 mm or, for lesser thicknesses, where approved and a satisfactory level of performance can be demonstrated.

A stream, river, reservoir, public water supply or water catchment area that could be polluted by a leak from the pipeline. Specific attention should be paid to the risk of ignition or electrocution due to the pipeline being at 2885.22 elevated potential with respect to earth, and the likelihood that it may carry substantial currents.

For urgent assistance during that period you can contact us. The medium used for such storage shall be suitable for that purpose. The procedure shall be documented and qualified, or be previously qualified and approved.

Developing a repair procedure at the same time as the main procedure is good practice. For wall thicknesses in excess of 6 mm, the procedure shall comply with AS Change of arc type between spray arc, globular arc, pulsed arc, and short-circuiting dip transfer arc or between the use of a conventional power source and a controlled waveform power source.


AS Gas pipe Welding_百度文库

The pipe grade does not exceed X60 and the carbon equivalent does not exceed 0. At the option of the pipeline licensee, the non-destructive examination of fillet welds and socket welds may be by magnetic particle testing or dye-penetrant testing instead of ultrasonic examination.

Where direct measurement is not possible, undercut comparator shims or reference radiographs in accordance with Clause See also Appendix C. The welding procedure specification shall include tolerances for all of the specified dimensions. The effective thickness shall be as defined in WTIA Technical Note 1 3 Diameter group see Note 4 Change in nominal outside diameter outside the diameter groups qualified as follows: The gas pressure is controlled to a slight positive pressure of approximately Pa gauge.

Isolated slag inclusions INs are irregularly shaped and may be located anywhere in the weld.

The gain level for each transducer shall be recorded as the primary reference sensitivity for respective transducers. You may be required to comply with this standard if you are a registered gas fitter. The ranges of non-essential variables may be extended by documentation only. At the discretion of the inspector, a period of practice, ax to the second test, may be allowed. The time delay after welding at which HACC occurs depends upon the particular circumstances, especially the hydrogen concentration.

These environments 2885.2 cause stress corrosion cracking SCC of susceptible materials.