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Andis Kaulins is the author of Stars, Stones and Scholars ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Ancient Signs ( avg rating, 1 rati. The latest Tweets from Andis Kaulins ???? (@wuxiandis). A Canadian English Teacher, Father, Reactionary and Blogger who is married to a Chinese Girl. The latest Tweets from Andis Kaulins (@law_pundit). Author & Educator. Stanford Law School & Paul Weiss NY alum. Constitution Copyrights Environment.

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What a refreshing change to read the books of Neuhaus. Ancient History at Lexiline?

Andis Kaulins (Author of Stars, Stones and Scholars)

What is impressive about the writing of Nele Neuhaus is the descriptive level of her writing, something which is often a lost literary art in the modern day of books that are often marked by endless brainless dialogue. Unfortunately, the books of Nele Neuhaus have not yet been translated into English, as far as I can tell, but they surely This series of crime novels — this is the 5th in the series — are set primarily in the Taunus near Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

A simple click on the About Bad Archaeology tab will tell the reader a little bit more about the writer. Of course, this post is not in any sense libellous.

When pseudoscientists turn nasty

The criticism that I am using nothing more than a folk etymology for the origin of the name Merlin is backed up by a statement in Wikipedia for which there is no citation. Sky Earth Native America: Who is Andis Kaulinsapart from a lawyer who is ready to threaten somebody with legal action over a review of a book, something that strikes me as a bit of an over-reaction?


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Die Himmelsscheibe von Nebra. In Learned IgnoranceNicholas of Cusa wrote that it is the doubt of knowledge which makes knowledge.

Presumably under this threat of legal action, Nazani edited her review so that the start now reads: This is a very important posting because it is a major pioneering step forward in resolving the question of the origin of human writing.

That hypothesis anids actually quite simple. This is the German version – with some minor changes – of my article on the Nebra Sky Disk which first appeared in Efodon-Synesis.

Where the chronology worked out by ancient historians and archaeologists appears to contradict the fables of the Bible, then a new chronology must be constructed kaulihs the biblical system. A good jury might take you for every penny you have.

Turning to the specific book that Nazani criticised, the basic thesis is outlined on Megaliths. Andis Kaulins rated a book it was amazing Secrets of the Great Pyramid: Another example is the year mainstream resistance to the decipherment of the Maya hieroglyphs by Knorosow. Perhaps it is unfair. Read his bio, his own academic background is in law, not linguistics or archaeology.

Ancient World Blog: About Andis Kaulins

We have no reason to conclude that the ancient tales of Southern constellations anfis necessarily wrong. He is clearly a very intelligent and well educated man. Hence, the megalith makers as seafarers may very well have known such constellations — or even created them.


Sky Earth Native America 1: As I wrote at page 88 of my book, Stars Stones and Scholars:. Sky Earth Native Kajlins 2: So it makes them feel stupid and they have to attack him.

Preview — Tiefe Wunden by Nele Neuhaus. Secrets of the Great Pyramid: Kaulins has a tendency to prejudge matters. Looking through the book, we can see that he accepts untenable ideas about the past, such as the existence of ley linesa fantasy dreamed up in the s by Alfred Watkins.

One of America’s greatest contributions to the rule of law was the modern adoption of the “best evidence” rule.

Stone kaluins man, if he lived today, would laugh at our “unlearned ignorance”. They are such a mix of different counter-cultural, occult and UFO ideas that they are just about impossible to read. The ill-fated doctrines of Marx and Engels were one example of theoretical blindness to the evidence.

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