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By the time Rock Hudson’s death in alerted all America to the danger of the AIDS epidemic, the disease had spread across the nation, killing thousands of. “Shilts successfully weaves comprehensive investigative reporting and commercial page-turning pacing, political intrigue, and personal tragedy into a landmark. And the Band Played on: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic [Randy Shilts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Shilts can hardly be faulted for this given bane professional and personal immersion in Shilts writes at the end of And The Band Played On that the book is a work of journalism and that there has been no fictionalization, yet goes on to state that he reconstructs scenes and conversations, albeit based on interviews and other research.

At the end of various sections, Shilts will often recount the number of AIDS cases and the number of mortalities at that moment in time. This book should be required reading for anyone entering any sort of health care profession or who might be a health care consumer some day.

Shilts interweaves the tales of politics with those of people, the people playev and dying shilhs AIDS.

Shilts can hardly be faulted for this given his professional and personal immersion in San Francisco’s gay community so I don’t think it’s reasonable to criticize him for not being impartial, but I do wish he’d explicitly acknowledged his authorial power and influence at one point or another. We remember first hearing about it on the news, but not really knowing what it was about.

Especially crises that are most devastating to vulnerable communities i. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. I also think that no matter what the conflict, a lot of people, politicians anf, will think of power first and human lives second.

That may seem an unfair accusation to level at a non-fiction book, but every book needs a plot. Shilts is certainly entitled to those judgements, but his failure to address the politics of his own conservative position somewhat undermines the book’s “definitive” status to say nothing of the scant attention he affords to the effects of AIDS on “the underclass”. And that’s the important thing to remember, and to try and be one of the good people, too, if thw all possible. Soon I was fighting with myself whether to take this book with me on my way out or the novel I was “actually reading” come on, everybody does this, right?

I was around when AIDS showed up and we were fascinated by it and were eager to get that material, 4.


And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic

Then, they turned and walked out, leaving the gaunt man on the floor. How was this epidemic The last was reading this book. Two important books about the impact of AIDS. The main problem I had with this book is that there were too many names to keep track of.

I recall being so incensed at the failure of common decency across every part of the ‘establishment’ spectrum that I think I can trace much of my continuing skepticism of our political process directly to Randy’s work.

So we write white lies about the cause of death And then, there is AIDS. We are likely not safe from another random crazy ;layed virus that will catch plaed offguard.

Several years ago I saw this book laying amongst a pile of discarded books in the dusty hallway of a college. It is a book that emphasizes the need to take care of the sick and explains how our vanities and prejudices can prevent us for doing that. Plsyed also where I learned that the best intentions can get snarled in the weeds- that people passionately devoted to an idea will serve that idea beyond all yhe, that profit comes before people, and that it always takes a movie star to catch the public’s imagination.

This shlits is playeed about people. I have a friend who lost everyone in his address book. I was quite plaued that, given my penchant for fey boys, I wouldn’t be around to see the turn of the century. I watch the panic unfolding on the news, on social media and I think about this book. Wheth If you want to be infuriated as fuck and saddened to your core, read this book.

However, AIDs was not offered the same treatment. If you’re seeking a comprehensive history of the AIDS epidemic, look no further.

Almost everyone who knew them knows this, but there is a gentle, loving conspirac In an eloquent playd in Advertising Ageeditor-at-large James Brady wrote, “I am tired of compiling lists of the dead. Randy Shilts did a good job of making all the medical and political information easy to understand. Return to Book Page. This landmark work is a detailed investigative report and eventual scathing indictment of the social and political forces that helped contribute to the tragic and rapid spread of the AIDS epidemic in its earliest years.

Gottlieband Mathilde Krim —would olayed realize their professional life’s courses in dealing with patient after patient who showed up in their offices with baffling illnesses, most notably lymphadenopathypneumocystis carinii pneumoniaKaposi’s Sarcomatoxoplasmosiscytomegalovirus banf, cryptosporidiaand other opportunistic infections that caused death by a grisly combination of ailments overtaxing a compromised immune system.


And some people myself includedwhen we read those sections, we glossed over them.

Although Sandra Panem in the journal Science praised Shilts’ efforts and the attention the book brought to AIDS, she criticized his simplistic interpretation of science and the ways research is fostered and accomplished in the U. In an eloquent editorial in Advertising Ageeditor-at-large James Brady wrote, “I am tired of compiling lists of the dead. So this is still an important book to read, and a well-written and readable one. I snd wondering, what was this book about?

We don’t ask why the Department of Defense and the entitlements like Social Security are getting all the money when the homosexuals and the IV drug abusers with AIDS and the multiple sclerosis patients are not.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

And The Band Played on: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic – Randy Shilts – Google Books

Because someone I cared about had intentionally seen to it that I hadn’t learned about it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Shilts expressed particular frustration describing instances of the CDC fighting with itself over how much time and attention was being paid to AIDS playdd.

Shilts shiilts while promoting the book in Australia in that AIDS in the western world could be eradicated, and by”AIDS could be as manageable as diabetes “. This time, however, it was different. If you never read this and you want a very real, somewhat raw, but remarkable account of what happened in those times, you would be very hard pressed to find better.

I’ve had conversations with older nurses who remember the uncertain times of the ‘s.

1987. Book: And the Band Played On

The belief stated or unstated, was that whatever this new disease was, it was killing all the abd people, so it wasn’t worth a look.

This Is Public He This simple truth seems obvious and yet it is easy to forget amid a sea of fantasy pageturners– reality is so much more haunting and terrible than fiction. Judith Eannarino of the Library Journal called it “one of the most important books of the year”, bane its release.

The fact that it is non-fiction adds to the intensity but also increases the rage the reader is left with.