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The Sleep Doctor Radio Show

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The Sleep Doctors Radio show is an educational talk show that seeks to solve your sleep problems. Even though we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, sleep has largely been ignored by the medical community until the last 25 years. There are over 90 sleep disorders which can affect a majority of adult Americans. Unfortunately most of us ignore issues related to sleep or are unaware of the consequences of bad sleep. By calling into the show The Sleep Doctors will give you suggestions and expert advice on how to get you sleeping well. Listen as they help people with sleep issues that you or a family member may experience. You will be encouraged, entertained, and educated.

Super Talk 99-7, WTN presents the Sleep Doctors Show. Are you or a family member having problems going to sleep, staying asleep, or just not sleeping well? Sleep issues are far and away the most common medical conditions in adult Americans. Doctors William Noah and Brian Wind will help solve your sleep problems. Tune in Sunday mornings at 9am.