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Radio Show for September 4

Posted on 4 Sep 2011 - 8:04 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

This week we’re talking all about insomnia—it’s impact to the employer, to the employee, to your personal life, overlapping disorders, and treatments.  We’ll take your calls and play our new call-in game, “Sleep Doctors Sentence Completion!”  Tune in Sunday at 9am!

Sleep in the News

This week we’re talking about insomnia and its toll on us.  It’s not just that we can’t sleep but also that it causes issues in the workplace, overlaps with other sleep disorders (like shift work), and carries economic impacts.  Nearly 50% of Americans will be clinically diagnosed with insomnia at some point in their lives.  Given insomnia’s prevalence, its good that insomnia and its typical overlapping disorders are easily diagnosed and for the most part easily treated. 

We’ll start the show with a new article from the journal Sleep that reveals that the impact of insomnia costs real money in the workplace to employers.  The full article can be found at:

Insomnia and the Performance of US Workers: Results from the America Insomnia Survey

Guess what? Not only does insomnia cost employers money, but it also costs you, the employees, real money.  Read the full article at the following link:
The Economic Burden of Insomnia at the Workplace. An Opportunity and Time for Intervention?

We’ll discuss these articles and more about what you can do about insomnia.  Tune in and call in with to share your experiences with this issue.  We want to hear from you!

Sleep Doctors Sentence Completion NEW

Last week we began a segment called Sleep Doctors Sentence Completion.  Here is how it works: We’ll start a sentence, and you, our listeners call in and complete it.  It’s that simple.  This week’s question is:

“When I have trouble sleeping, I like to _____________________.”

Call us during the show at 615-737-9986 or toll free at 1-866-SLEEP20 anytime with your answer to this question.

Caller Questions

With time permitting, we will answer a question from Ann in Martin who sent us an email about her poor sleep.  She writes, “I am a college student and I just can’t get to sleep at night. I stay asleep fine once I do get to sleep, but the problem is that I can’t get up in the morning for classes. It is causing me major problems in school. What can I do?”

Call in with your questions at any time during the show at 615-737-9986.  You can also call us 24/7 at 1-866-SLEEP20.  Of course, you send us email.

We’re waiting on your call!  The Sleep Doctors have the answer to your sleep questions!