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Radio Show for October 30

Posted on 29 Oct 2011 - 9:16 PM by Dr. Brian Wind

In honor of Halloween, The Sleep Doctors are going to discuss things that go bump in the night—bizarre phenomena that occur during sleep—and some of these can be rather frightening or downright terrifying. Tune in this week to learn about some less common sleep disorders that would make you scream!

You know, there are a lot of sleep disorders out there, and as part of our show we often focus on the more common disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, and restless legs syndrome. There are lots of sleep disorders out there these days, and today we will shock and amaze you with tales of less commonly seen disorders as part of our “things that go bump in the night” theme.

Sleep in the News

This week in Sleep in the News, from Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy, the top sleepless cities in America:

Is Your City Listed in the Top 10 Most Sleep-Deprived Cities

We’ll discuss the reasons why some of these cities may be on list including economy and other factors.

Many of the unusual disorders we’re discussing this week occur during the deep stage of sleep—which is not REM or dreaming sleep.  We’ll discuss sleep talking, sleep walking, night terrors, sleep eating, and sleep sex disorder among others.

There are also a number of unusual sleep disorders that do emerge from REM or dreaming sleep, and these can be rather alarming and downright frightening for both the person suffering from this type of disorder and their bed partner. The most common ones are REM behavior disorder and nightmare disorder. We’ll discuss both of these in detail during the show.

Call in to tell us if you have any experience with any of these disorders. 

Sleep Doctors Sentence Completion Game

We’ll also play our fun Sentence Completion Game.  Here’s how it works: The Sleep Doctors will start a sentence, and you, our listeners will call in and complete it. It’s that simple! Here is this week’s question:

The most bizarre thing my spouse has ever done during sleep is _____.

Call in during the show with your answer to this week’s question.  The first three callers will receive a Sleep Doctors Gift Pack.

This week is going to be really interesting!  Tune in and call in!  We want to hear from you!