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Radio Show for October 16

Posted on 16 Oct 2011 - 8:32 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

The Sleep Doctors have another great show coming up this week!  We’re going to discuss sleep and relationships. You may wonder what the link is between sleep and relationships.  Well, we’ll discuss relationship impacting sleep issues including incompatible sleep habits, snoring, depression, anxiety, and even the impact on your libido!

You know there are many types of relationships that are impacted by poor sleep—relationships with spouses, significant others, parents, kids, employers, and others. On the positive side of things, improving sleep quality improves health, enhances quality of life, and ultimately makes relationships better.

Poll Question

We’ll start this week’s show with a new poll question.  Weigh in by calling in or going to our Poll Page.  Here is the question:

Have sleep issues negatively impacted your relationship with your significant other?

Sleep in the News

The impact of sleep on relationships has been a fairly hot topic in the research literature—-particularly with respect to how sleep impacts the marital relationship. Consider this recent study in the news from Science Daily:

Poor Sleep Is Associated With Lower Relationship Satisfaction In Both Women And Men

This is a tough problem because it seems that sometimes spouses are not especially compatible when it comes to sleeping in the same bed, this article was just published by

Are You and Your Mate Compatible Sleeping Partners?

We’ll also talk about one of the most common problems in relationships related to sleep–the big one…snoring. It’s a huge relationship issue!  Here’s an article in the mainstream media from Yahoo that we’ll discuss:

Can Snoring Ruin Your Relationship?

Did you know that daytime sleepiness and daytime fatigue are a big problem in the field of sleep disorders medicine? These issues can occur on the heels of a sleep disorder, or they can be diagnoses in and of themselves. From the relationship perspective, there is a lot of concern about the causes and effects of daytime sleepiness. Here’s an article that we’ll discuss from the American Academy of Family Physicians:

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Finally, we’ll talk about how sleep problems can cause psychological issues and the inevitable impact of these psychological issues on relationships. We’ll discuss the link between sleep and psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. And these psychological disorders often affect one’s interest in engaging in leisure time activities as we have previously discussed, but they also frequently negatively impact our libido. 

We’ll discuss all of these topics on the show this week so tune in! Although we’ll focus on the problems, remember that treating your sleep disorder is almost certain to improve the quality of your relationships. There is hope, so seek help for your sleep problems. Do it for your family, for those in you life who love you!

Sleep Doctors Sentence Completion

We’ll also play our fun new game called the Sleep Doctors Sentence Completion game!  Here’s how it works, The Sleep Doctors will start a sentence, and you, our listeners will call in and complete it. It’s that simple! Here is this week’s sentence:

If I could change one thing about my spouse’s sleep it would be ______.

It’s going to be a great show this week!  Tune in and call in!  We love to hear from you, our listeners!