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Radio Show for November 13

Posted on 13 Nov 2011 - 9:22 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

This week we’re talking about ways we sabotage our sleep with technology.  Things like cell phones, smart phones, computers, and tablets. These devices can, and do, negatively impact sleep every day across our country for adults, teens, and yes, even pre-teens! Tune in for ways to deal with this growing sleep issue.

Poll Question

We’ll start with a new poll question for the week.  You can respond on our poll question page by clicking on the question.

Do you turn your cell phone off at night?

It’s a simple question which should be a yes or no answer. But we suspect a lot of people will say to themselves, ”well, it’s not off, but it’s on vibrate”, or “no one sends me texts or emails at night.” If you are one of these people, your answer to the poll question should nonetheless be no—you do not turn your cell phone off at night!

Sleep in the News

Related to this issue, WebMD did a poll of their own about sleep and technology.  We’ll discuss the results of their poll during the show.  You can read their report at the following link.

Sleep and Technology Don’t Mix: Sleep Poll

We’ve seen patients that do some unusual things in their sleep, but this one is a new one for the Sleep Doctors: Sleep texting. That’s right, people are apparently sending text messages while asleep. We’ll discuss this phenomena reported in

Sleep Texting: Fact or Fiction

We’ll discuss sleep walking and consider how it seems natural that we could engage in sleep texting since it has become rather routine for most of us.

Why is it that playing around on an iPad, tablet, cell phone, or PC can be detrimental to our sleep? Well, one main reason is the exposure to light. Here is some interesting reading from Fox News that we’ll discuss this week:

Can’t Sleep? Your Computer’s Light May Be Keeping You Up at Night

We’ll discuss the impact of light exposure on sleep, and a new technology that eliminates blue light from your monitor which blocks melatonin creation.  Dennis Buckley will evaluate the free software called F.lux. We’ll also discuss the increase in mental energy associated with technology at bedtime.

Teens are growing up very differently than we adults did. They are very tech savvy and technology is a huge part of their lives. But guess what technology is keeping our teens up at night.  Here is an interesting article we’ll discuss from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s news archive:

Television Watching Before Bedtime Can Lead to Sleep Debt

We’ll discuss how TV is still a factor in addition to other technology. Limit setting is the solution.

Sleep Doctors Sentence Completion

We’ll play the Sleep Doctors Sentence Completion Game this week!  Here’s how it works: The Sleep Doctors will start a sentence, and you, our listeners will call in and complete it. It’s that simple! The first three callers that respond during the show will receive a Sleep Doctors Gift Pack! Here is this week’s question:

If I could get my teen to ______________ he or she would sleep better.

It’s going to be great show! Tune in and call in!  We want to hear from you!