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Radio Show for May 6

Posted on 6 May 2012 - 8:14 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

Do you find it difficult to lose weight?  If so, this week’s show may be particularly interesting to you.  The Sleep Doctors will be discussing how sleep apnea can cause you to gain weight and make it more difficult for you to take off the pounds.

This week, The Sleep Doctors will discuss part three in our series on sleep apnea and your health. As part of this series, we are reviewing the many areas of health negatively impacted by the most common sleep disorder – sleep apnea. This week the Sleep Doctors will discuss the bi-directional relationship between sleep apnea and weight.

Sleep in the News

This week we’ll discuss this recent article from Sleep Review:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea’s Damage Evident After 1 Month

The Sleep Doctors will also share information from these two articles in the Journal of Sleep Medicine:

Sleep Modifies Metabolism

Daytime Sleepiness in Obesity: Mechanisms Beyond Obstructive Sleep Apnea—A Review

And we’ll discuss how obesity is affecting our country with this article from Reuters on

As America’s waistline expands, costs soar

Finally, The Sleep Doctors will share this article from WebMD about how sleep affects obesity in children:

More Sleep, Less Childhood Obesity:  Skimping on Sleep May Make Children More Likely to Become Overweight or Obese

The Sleep Doctors want to hear from you!  Call in to let us know what you think about these important issues.  Tune in to find out how others are coping.