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Radio Show for June 26

Posted on 26 Jun 2011 - 8:31 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

This week’s show is all about teens and their sleep—or rather their lack of sleep and its impact.  The show will really expand your knowledge of why sleep is so important for our youth.

We’ll kick off our show with this week’s poll question:

On average how much sleep does your teen get per night? Answer this week’s poll question on our Gaming, Internet have Negative Impact on Teen Sleep

Also in the news—again, from Sleep Review Magazine, there is a relationship between bullying and sleep, of all things:
Bullies More Likely to have Sleep Problems
Call in to let us know your thoughts on these topics.
And guess what…..your children’s sleep is such an important issue that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has released a new website for K through 12 teachers:
Sleep Education
Call in or comment below on these important topic for our young people.

Caller Questions

Call in with your questions at any time during the show.  You can also call us 24/7 at 1-866-SLEEP20.  You can also send us email

If we have time during the show, we’ll answer an email question received from Terrence in Eagleville. Terrance writes:
My son had a car accident from falling asleep – he thinks it was a fluke. I am afraid it could happen again because he doesn’t sleep enough. I struggle to get him to understanding the importance of sleeping enough…..any suggestions?
Sleep Talk

The NIH recently released a report on sleepy driving in teens.  You can read the full report at:

Educating Youth About Sleep and Drowsy Driving

The Sleep Doctors will talk about the developmental stages of sleep, dynamics of teen sleep.  They’ll review the newest tool for getting to understand the importance of getting adequate sleep and avoiding driving while sleepy.

Call to weigh in during the show!