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Radio Show for July 3

Posted on 2 Jul 2011 - 7:05 PM by Dr. Brian Wind

This week the Sleep Doctors will continue their discussion of teen sleep with Dr. Jeff Paffrath, an ear, nose, and throat doctor who routinely performs surgery on youth with disorders—including sleep apnea.

We have an exciting show planned for July 3! The Sleep Doctors will continue our teen sleep topic from last week. If you missed last week’s show our theme was teens and sleep and we will have Dr. Jeff Paffrath joining us to help with our discussion. Dr. Paffrath is an ear, nose, and throat doctor, and routinely does surgery on children and teens to treat them for various disorders, one of which is sleep apnea.

Weekly Poll Question

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Sleep in the News

US News and World Report recently published an article revealing research on how most teens report less daytime sleepiness when the school bell is pushed back.  You can read the full article at:

Teens Sleep Longer With Delayed School Starts

Also in the news, from ABC News, a relationship between teen sleep and eating habits. Two new studies find teen girls who felt pressured to be skinny had more difficulty sleeping and sleepy teens were 50 percent more likely to crave carbs.

Full Circle: Tired Teens Crave Carbs, Lose Sleep Over Weight Woes

Call in to weigh in on the impact of teen sleep and social/developmental issues.

And guess what…..your children’s sleep is such an important issue that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has released a new website for K through 12 teachers:

Sleep Education

Call in or comment on these important topics for our young people.

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