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Radio Show for January 8

Posted on 8 Jan 2012 - 7:29 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

Happy New Year from the Sleep Doctors!  We’re beginning the new year with a topic that’s particularly relevant at this time of year—exercise! Most of us have either made a new year’s resolution or know someone who has made a new year’s resolution to exercise. It is the reason gym memberships increase in number at this time of year!

The Sleep Doctors advocate for exercise for many reasons, but one of the big reasons we are fans of maintaining a fitness routine is because of the benefits we see in the area of sleep for those who exercise regularly.

Sleep in the News

We’ll be discussing exercise and sleep with brand new research on the positive effects of exercise on sleep. Here are recent reports from the National Sleep Foundation and Medical News Today, respectively.

Study: Physical Activity Impacts Overall Quality of Sleep

Quality Of Sleep Impacted By Physical Activity

We’ll also discuss how exercise affects people who suffer from insomnia.  Did you know that people who don’t exercise tend to have more problems sleeping? We’ll dig into the research study at the following link which was conducted at Northwestern University.

Aerobic Exercise Relieves Insomnia

Evening exercise can destroy sleep quality. Insomnia patients absolutely need exercise, and it needs to be morning exercise.  We’ll discuss the reasons why including the impact on your circadian clock and the timing of physical and mental stimulation. We’ll discuss the following article from WebMD.

What’s the Best Time to Exercise? Experts offer tips on finding the best time of day for your workout.

We’ll also discuss that the relationship between sleep and exercise is a two way street.  Specifically, not enough sleep, or poor quality sleep due to some type of sleep disruptor, can compromise our physical health and ability to perform physically. In fact this has been studied in athletes, and there are medical reasons for this. We’ll review the following article from

Sleep Deprivation and Athletes

There are also health issues, both cognitive and physical, with not sleeping enough. We’ll discuss how sleep is a barometer of our health like temperature. The Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee has seen this in research on athletes with OSA. Exercising can help us to sleep well, and sleeping well improves our ability to exercise and stay in shape.

Listener Email

With time permitting, we’ll address an email question on the air from listener Tony, who is an Emergency Medical Services worker and is often on call. His question relates to one of our previous shows about technology and its impact on sleep. Tony writes:

Technology and sleep concerns me. A large part of emergency responders have
to use devices like radios, pagers, and cellphones to receive emergency
calls. I am a Paramedic and because of my position I am on call 24/7. I have
sleep apnea. What percentage of those people who said no they don’t turn
their cellphones off are emergency responders, and what can be done?

Tune in for the answer and call in with your own questions for the Sleep Doctors!

Sentence Completion Game

Back by popular demand in the New Year is the Sleep Doctors Sentence Completion Game! To play along you, our listeners, need simply call in and complete the sentence Dr. Wind starts by filling in the blank with your own answer.  It’s simple! The first three callers who complete the sentence will receive a Sleep Doctors Gift Pack.  So tune in and be ready to call us at 615-737-WWTN (615-737-9986) during the show to complete the sentence!