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Radio Show for January 29

Posted on 27 Jan 2012 - 6:30 PM by Dr. Brian Wind

In keeping with our resolution of having more guests on the Sleep Doctors, this week, listener Sean will be our in studio guest.  Sean called the Sleep Doctors in October about his struggle with insomnia.  The Sleep Doctors helped him and this week he is going to share his experience.  Tune in Sunday morning at 9am to hear Sean’s story!

Insomnia is the topic this week.  In sharing listener Sean’s insomnia struggle and triumph without medication, we’ll discuss common issues and typical treatments. Drugs are commonly prescribed but are not always the best solution.  We’ll discuss the following article from USA Today about a new drug recently approved by the FDA:

Insomnia drug for middle of the night wakers approved by FDA

With Sean, we’ll discuss his treatment using Cognitive Behavioral Treatment which typically eliminates the use of drugs for chronic insomnia. Call in to ask questions of Sean about his real life experience.

If time permits, we’ll respond to an email from a listener who sounds like she might be in much the same condition that Sean was just a few months ago. Karen in Clarksville writes:

I have been having trouble sleeping for several years since I got divorced. I have tried just about every drug on the market for insomnia, plus many others that are used off label to treat insomnia. I am now finding that I dread going to bed, and my sleep is worse than ever. What should I do?

We’ll also have a trivia question this week so tune in and call in for your sleep fix Sunday morning at 9am!