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Radio Show for February 12

Posted on 12 Feb 2012 - 8:49 AM by D. Buckley

Another great show this week!  The Sleep Doctors will be discussing the impact of obesity on former NFL players and new recommendations from trucking advisory groups.  We’ll also answer your questions and if we have time some listener emails.  Tune in and call in!  Sunday morning at 9a!

Sleep in the News

We’ll begin this week with some Sleep in the News.  With the Super Bowl now in the books, we’ll discuss an article from Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy that discusses the likelihood of a heavy football player dying.  The toll is especially heavy on the obese.  Read the full article at the following link:

Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

And two trucking advisory boards announced new recommendations for the trucking industry with strict apnea rules.  We’ll discuss the following article also from Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy:

Two Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Advisory Boards Suggests Strict Apnea Rules

We’ll be taking your calls today as well.  If time permits, we’ll discuss the following email questions from some of our listeners.

Kristen in Smyrna writes:

My husband has Sleep Apnea. However, he is so busy at work that he is not taking the time to get help for it. I wish I could convince him that taking care of this would be helpful to his work situation and not `a nuisance’ or just another problem to take care of… If he got help, I believe he’d enjoy more energy and time on weekends (due to not recovering from weekly sleep loss by taking naps) he’d get More work done! Please Help - how can I convince him to get treated!?

Gary writes:

My spouse (female,54 years old, weight guestimate 200lb, height 5’ 7”) has sleep apnea so bad it is unbelievable. I listen to her every night. She stops breathing, snorts a couple of times and then starts breathing again. I elbow her and she will turn on her side and sleep ok for a while. If I can get to sleep during this period I can usually make it through the night. Otherwise, she will flip back on her back and start the whole process again. I describe these sleep irregularities to her and she does not believe me. I understand there a lot of other health issues associated with sleep disorders and am concerned about the future.

We will also have another installment of the Sleep Doctors Trivia Question on the show.  Call in, tune in, and email…We want to hear from you this Sunday morning at 9a!