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Radio Blog for April 27, 2014

Posted on 25 Apr 2014 - 10:10 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

The Sleep Doctors are back in the studio this weekend, and we will be reviewing the newest Sleep in America Poll from the National Sleep Foundation. Lots of great data in this poll – be sure to tune in for information on this and other important sleep topics!


Do you follow safe sleep practices with your toddlers? Connecticut: More Child Fatalities Caused by Unsafe Sleep Conditions than Abuse

We are big fans of the National Sleep Foundation. The annual Sleep In America Poll has just been released and in our opinion, it is one of their best yet. Sleep in America Poll 2014:
Sleep in the Modern Family


Methods to help parents and children sleep.


Reasons for difficulty sleeping.


Mel in Birmingham writes:

Dear Sleep Doctors,

My wife has been sleepwalking for years. She is 32 years old, and often gets out of bed and walks around the house, eats, and does simple chores. Our family members have usually just laughed at his behavior. In fact, it has become a family joke of sorts. However, recently she almost hurt herself by falling down the stairs. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so funny….do you have suggestions for this problem? I appreciate any help you can provide. Mel

Thanks for tuning in to the show this Sunday. We appreciate our listeners and enjoy helping you with your sleep issues. Until next week…pleasant dreams!

Blog Post for April 20, 2014

Posted on 17 Apr 2014 - 11:20 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

The Sleep Doctors are back in the studio this weekend, and we’ll be discussing some exciting topics in sleep. Why are older men who don’t sleep well more at risk for cognitive problems? What does your sleep have to do with your weight? Are “night owls” crazy? Be sure to tune in to the Sleep Doctors this Sunday morning to hear more about these and other important topics!

Sleep in the News

Poor Sleep Quality Linked to Cognitive Decline in Older Men

Short Sleepers Are Over-eaters

Morning Rays Keep Off Pounds


Our question from last week: What is the first day of Spring officially called? [ANSWER: Spring equinox]. Thanks to all who played. Look for another question in the coming weeks’ broadcast.


Sleepy driving – follow up to last week’s sleep in the news.

Engineer of Derailed Train Diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnea


Night owls prone to be unmarried risk takers?

Night Owls Tend to Be Unmarried Risk Takers


Chuck in Auburntown writes:

I had a sleep study done and was told I had sleep apnea. I stop breathing 48 times per hour. I have been on apap for one year and I am still having problems. When using the machine I get up in the morning and I am bloated to the point of being bent over with abdominal pain, and during the day I will constantly yawn so hard I am gasping for breath. I am still exhausted. My wife says I am still snoring even with mask on. I have tried a chinstrap and nasal mask and full face mask. I took the machine back to the doctor and had it checked twice, and I purchased new mask still didn’t help. I am tired and sleepy the next day after using machine to the point of total exhaustion. I don’t have a problem sleeping with mask on… it just doesn’t help. Do you have any suggestions?

Tune in this Easter Sunday to hear all the Sleep Doctors discuss this and more.

Sleep Doctors Radio Show Blog for February 2, 2014

Posted on 31 Jan 2014 - 9:56 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

The Sleep Doctors are back in the studio this weekend, and this program is all about you, the listener – we’ll be covering multiple listener questions and topic suggestions as part of this show, in addition to the latest Sleep in the News. Be sure to tune in to the Sleep Doctors this Sunday morning!


Sleep Deprivation Linked with Criminal Behavior Among Adolescents


An alternative Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatment option for those who have mild cases.

Snore Rx Website


Brain connections in kids during sleep, another reason to g make sure your children are getting the sleep they need.

Connections in Brains of Children Strengthen During Sleep


We have several this week, tune in to hear the docs answer your questions.

“Molly” from Nashville, TN:

In my last consultation with Dr. Wind he recommended the use of the oral appliance and referred me to a dentist. He concluded that I was a good candidate for its use. Problem is Cigna Healthspring won’t pay anything toward it. I find that odd. Are there no other of your retired patients who have my problem? So far my PCP and I have hit a wall. Please help.

“Tom” from Smyrna, TN:

Can you tell me the long terms effects of amitriptyline? My wife, 57, has
used it for the last few years, after giving up on Ambien. Sure I’d like to
get rid of everything, maybe someday I will. She has said and done some
things over time that aren’t normal, including recently. Wish and pray
to God she’d try CBT but so far I can’t talk her into it.

“Steve” from Paris:

My son is 12 years old and is still wetting the bed…..we’ve tried everything, but he still has almost nightly episodes of wetting. Please help!

“Marty” from Franklin:

My wife and I have one child, a three year old son. He is now in the habit of coming into our bedroom and getting in our bed most nights. My wife lets him, whereas I think he should stay in his own bed. Your thoughts?

Thanks for reading our blog and thanks for listening to the show. Until next time, pleasant dreams.


Sleep Doctors Radio Show Blog for January 12, 2014

Posted on 10 Jan 2014 - 10:18 AM by Dr. Brian Wind

Happy New Year!
The Sleep Doctors are back in the studio this weekend, and we’ll be doing an extensive review of sleep in the media recently. Topics covered will include insomnia, kids, and sleepy driving. We will also discuss the impact of alcohol use on sleep, in addition to a new Sleep Doctors Trivia Question. Be sure to tune in to the Sleep Doctors this Sunday morning!



Insomnia: The National Sleep Foundation has a great insomnia website. Check it out: National Sleep Foundation Insomnia page

Interesting article on the different things that insomnia can affect:

Insomnia a Risk Factor for Depression, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, and More


Could OSA in Kids Cause High Blood Pressure Later?

Transportation/ Safety

FAA to Ground Obese Pilots Until Examined For OSA, Pilots Fight For Rulemaking

Trucking Along: Implications of the Sleep Apnea Bill Being Signed into Law


The Golden Globe awards are tonight….Our trivia question will have something to do with them. Tune in to listen then be the first to respond on our Facebook page and you win a Sleep Doctors gift pack. Want to like us on Facebook? Click Here:  Sleep Doctors Facebook Page


Our question this week comes from Mark:

“Mark” from Nashville, TN:

I have been using a CPAP for several years and about 4 years ago I was switched
to a bi-pap from a c-pap. About 1 year ago I started having a lot of issues
using it, and now it didn’t seem to work as well. I talked to my doc but he had
no real answers for me. I took the machine to get checked out and they said
it was fine. Then several months ago it died and I got a new one. I thought
this would solve my problem but it just made it worse. I can’t use it and
when I do I keep waking up suddenly with the feeling I can’t breathe even
worst then when I don’t wear it. I feel bad and don’t know what to
do. I have also noticed that in the past 6 months I wake up with severe dry
mouth throughout the night. I thought I might have started breathing through
my mouth and not my nose. So I borrowed a full face mask from a family
member to try it with no luck. Please help! Mark

Tune in to hear how we answer Marks question.

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening and until next time…pleasant dreams!

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